Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ikhlas = Willingness ??

Salam to everyone.. May Allah bless us for the past,now and forever..

Alhamdulillah, Allah still give me strength to write, to share with all of some "ilmu" which iA will give us significant value in our life.. iA

I'll start my writing with a famous story, motivational story..

Once upon a time, there was a kind king. In a piece and big country, there was a crocodiled-filled river. One day, the king helad a competition. Who can swim across the river would get one of these following prizes. First, would get money of one million dollar. Second, could marry his youngest daughter and third, could rule the whole country.

All the people in the country already gathered but no one dare to swim to cross the river especially after the king was demonstrating by putting a chicken into the river. And not untill a few second only scattered feathers while while the chicken finished ate by the crocodiles. But suddenly the sudden loud churning water was heard and a man was seen to swim very fast to cross the river while the crocodiles fail to catch him. Up to the banks, the king meet the man and say "congratulation! i'm so impressed with our courage. What gift do you want from me?"

The man said, "I want nothing!"

The king was very curious and then said, "may be you want one million dollor?"

"No!"- the man replied

"may be you want to marry my beautiful youngest princess?"-asked the king
(come on man, she is the most desire future-wife in the world! =))

"No!"- said the man (errrrgg~)

"owh, it means you want to rule this country"- asked the king

"Not even once"- the man replied

Then the king and the minister looked at each other and shaking his head. Then the king asked the man with a bit annoyed because his requested just had been rejected by an ordinary man, "so what do you want?".

The man said- " i just want to know who dare to push me into the river"..

Lesson: it sometimes necessary to force our self to do something in order to gain the success.

p/s: the main part of the story is with the green font..

~so what do you think? for me it really relates with our life.. it's true in certain condition we need to force our self to reach our goal. it is necessary, it is not even a choice.. if we not force our self to do it means we plan to fail~

contoh dalam dunia medic, we already entered "medical world" like the man who entered the river.. so, ape yg perlu kite lakukan, kite perlu belajar bersungguh-sungguh sekalipun subjek yg perlu kite tempuh itu amat susah. perlu hidup dengan beribu cabaran maklumlah profession doktor adalah profession yg amat susah.. Tambahan hidup sebagai seorang pejar amat mencabar. perlu mujahadah dgn sikap malas, hiburan yg berlebihan dan sebagainya. Ttp hidup perlu diteruskan. Kalo tidak, kite akan terkandas ditengah2 tahun pengajian. Tahu2 kite akan ditendang kluar dari fakulti.

it goes the same in islam, as we entered islam. the goal/success is to enter jannah (heaven). So we need to obey every single obligation that Allah gives and ask us to do in order to enter jannah. Live in this wold is very2 complited. Kite terpakse berhadapan dgn jahiliyah yg mempunyai ada daya tarikan yg besar pada nafsu kite berbanding perkara2 yg haq. the jahiliyah have much tendency in our heart rather than the iman dan islam itself. If we not force ourself to obey the obligation (stated in quran n hadith) we will fail, the end we will enter the hell.

So, every single thing that we do (ibadah) and then we relate the ibadah to Allah as the final destination in order to enter jannah, it is called IKHLAS even we have for force ourself to do it.

It is differ to WILLINGNESS. for example, sami buddha willing utk bertapa bertahun2 (mungkin). But, what he did is not even related to Allah. So, there is no IKHLAS in what he did. In islam ikhlas come first, then willingness because willingness will appeare after several times we practise them

That why, 2 ciri penting yg apabila dilakukan dikire sebagai ibadah ialah
1) niat yg ikshlas (niat kpd Allah)
2) berdasarkan syariat

that means, ibadat is not only focus to solat, puasa, haji, zakat sahaja. But, what we do every day is ibadat start from we wake up in the morning untiil we sleep at night as long as the 2 rules above are followed..


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